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Rules For The Road Of Life

Rules For The Road Of Life    Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Pathway Of Life


Rules For The Road Of Life

By James & Mary Lee Thornton

Youth & Boyhood

1. Youth is life on the wing, the Holiday of Life.

2. You must sow, if you will reap, and you will reap what you sow.

3. Seek divine guidance, shun the wrecks on the streets, or at school.

4. Live with a purpose, aim at lofty goals early in life.

5. Boys must grow, and mature, to make men, larger, wiser.

6. Boys who fail to grow mentally, spiritually, morally, honestly, will fail to gain positions of trust and honor.

7. When manhood begins to dawn, your muscles will become solid, your mind more masterly, and your voice, losing the feminine, will assume a masculine tone, it is the presence of noble manhood.

8. Boys ought to learn to work, even if you don’t learn to love it.

9. The first false step is the most fatal step in life.

10. Boys (Girls) do not form bad habits, they are costly and hurtful and strong.

11. Cigarettes, cigars and saloons do not lead to success in life.

12. Bad habits once formed are stronger than the strongest wills, once the chain is Formed its almost impossible to break.

13. Be careful of the company you keep.

14. Seek the society of the good wherever you go.

15. Boys be brave, be moral heroes.

16. Dishonesty shames your family.

18. Do not be a fault finder.

19. Do not be a hypocrite.

20. Boys keep out of debt.

21. If you are forced to go into debt, meet your obligations.

22. Boys are the material men are made of.

23. Boys (Girls) obey your parents.

24. Be kind to your family and friends.

25. Parents are to direct your ways.

26. The older your parents grow, the more they need your love and care.

27. Let the silver hairs and silent hopes of their older years speak to your heart.

28. Don’t call your father “the old man,” your mother “the madam or the old lady,” It’s very rude, and will come back to haunt you.

29. Boys stay at home, anchor your heart at home.

30. Don’t hang around on the street.

31. Loafing, sitting, or standing around almost always ends in shame and sin.

32. Stay away from pool halls, gambling dens, and other sleazy joints.

33. Boys (girls) be chaste, be pure in thought, word, and actions.

34. Don’t use vulgar language, or profanity, such as cursing, and swearing.

35. Boys (girls) you carry in your hand two keys, one opens the door to success, and the other to failure in life.

36. You will be an influence on someone else, a younger brother or a playmate.

37. Always be hopeful, optimistic.

38. Be happy, industrious, not lazy, or slothful.

39. Laugh and enjoy your youth in the right atmosphere.

40. Rise above the fatal habits of your fellows.

41. Don’t sell out to Satan, he wants to buy your soul.

42. Give yourself to Jesus early in life, live for Him and He will give you the crown of life in the future.

43. The first work of youth is the formation of suitable character.

44. Be cheerful, don’t be gloomy, or despondent with a sad heart.

45. Look for the sunny side of things, look for a silver lining.

46. Do not speak disrespectful of people.

47. Be kind and good to everyone.

48. You must first listen and learn if you would afterward talk and teach.

49. Bridle your tongue, hold your temper.

50. Always try to have some sober sensible thoughts every day.

51. Do not be dupes of fashion. Fashion demands too much.

52. Wear the best you can afford without a word of complaint.

53 Calico and a level head makes a loving heart.

54. Awake to the highest interests of body, mind, and soul, and live for all there is in life.

55. Girls, do not giggle, it is simple, it is silly, it is disagreeable, smile and laugh, but don’t giggle.

56. Don’t use slang and by words, and don’t use God’s name recklessly or in vain.

57. Always be on guard against the pitfalls of life.


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By James & Mary Lee Thornton



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