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 Mary Lee Thornton, Madison Tn.
Mary Lee
1. The Old Rugged Cross

2. Save A little Spot up In Heaven For Me
3. This Is Just What Heaven Means To Me
4. God Walks The Dark Hills 
Where He Leads Me I Will Follow


These Are Bible Videos, Very Good

1. God's Lost & Found  (Parable, Lost Sheep, Lost Coin, & Prodigal Son) 
2. The Good Samaritan (Parable)
3. Jesus Heals Woman With Issue Of Blood & Raises Jasus' Daughter From Death
4. Jesus Feeds 5,000
5. Jesus Is Transfigured
6. Jesus And The Last Supper
7. Jesus in Gethsemane  (Betrayed By Judas, Denyed By Peter)
8. Jesus Sends 70 Disciples  (They Return With Great Joy)
9. Jesus Visits Mary & Martha  (A Part Of Jesus' Ministry)
10. Jacob Returns Home, Wrestles With Angel

Jacob Meets Esau 
12. God Calls Jacob Back To Bethel
13. Joseph & His Brethern, Jacob To Egypt
14. Jacob's Death, Joseph's Death

                    Songs Of Inspiration

                         The Cohrons
The Cohrons
Pat Cohron, & Daughters, Shawn (Cohron) Pope, & Beverly (Cohron) McManus,
Singing Songs Of Inspiration.
1. I'm Going There
2. Beulah Land
3. Let The Lord Be Magnified In Me
4. This World Is Not My Home
5. Special
6. I Can Be Glad
7. We Bow Down
8. Mercy Called My Name
9. It Must Have Been You

  The Joys Of Jesus
The Joys Of Jesus
The “Joys Of Jesus Singers” formed a few years ago and entered a talent contest in West Tennessee and won first place. The group consists of Danny Anderson and his wife Debby, his sister Trudy (Anderson) Bledsoe, and his cousin David Raines. It is a very talented group, Danny sings and plays the piano for the group, Debby sings and plays the tambourine, also composes songs for the group, Trudy sings and plays the saxophone and bass guitar, she also composes songs for the group. David is the son of a Pentecostal Minister.

1. Caught Up Together                              1. I Believe Jesus
2. The Day That Jesus Came                    2. Lord Don't Take Your Love From Me
3. He'll Hold My Hand                                 3. Sweeter Than The Day before
4. I Did'nt See, Yet I Believe                      4. I'm Glad He Found Me
5. Life Begins At Calvary                           5. Make Me What I Need To Be 
6. He Pilots My Ship                                   6. He's Ready To Come, Im Ready To Go
7. The Joy That Jesus Gives                    7. When The War Is Over
8. Jesus Broke Every Fetter                     8. Just Any Day Now 
9. I Love Him Too Much                             9. All in The Name Of Jesus
10. I've Got Confidence                            10. I Feel Good


The McGruders
Carroll & Pricilla McGruder & Stan Cook Trio
1. You Got To Have The Want To
2. I Forgive You
3. He Gave My Life A New Start
4. I'm Talking About Heaven 
5. Though God Slay Me Yet I'll Trust Him  Eric McGruder Sings Lead
6. We Call It Special, But The Special Call It Home   
7. One Day Closer Home 
8. Doing Good For Others
9. Carrying On The Business For The King
10. See Those Clouds

Spirit And Truth Trio  From Nashville, Tn.
Rick Span, Mike Rickenbaker, Rick Tyler
1. Falling In Love With Jesus             2. Free Indeed
3. His Name Is Wonderful                   4. His Very Own
5. I'm Getting Ready                            6. Jesus Changed My Life
7. Jesus Made Me An Offer                8. Just One Moment In The Presence Of The Lord
9. Now Is The Time                           10. We Shall Behold Him


   The Guardsmen From West Tennessee

The beginning of the quartet was at the National Guard Camp in the summer of 1965.  The record was made in 1967. The original members of the quartet and the ones on the recording were Bobby Jones, bass; Bobby Holden, baritone; David Davis, Lead; Charles Hampton, tenor; and originally Horace Simmons on the piano but Paul Childress was playing the piano at the time of the recording.  Lloyd Speer was the bass guitarist; and Sammy Wood, lead guitarist and Norman Welcher, drummer assisted the quartet on the recording. Two of these, Bobby Jones and Norman Welcher, have now passed away.

1. How Big Is God                                    2. The Hand Of Jesus
3. Is Your Name Written There              4. Show Me Thy Way
5. God Bless America                             6. How Great Thou Art
7. I'm Building A Bridge                          8. Who Am I  
9. A City On A Hill                                  10. When I Got Saved
11. I'm Feeling Fine                              12. Must I Go Empty Handed

         Bob Holden
    Bobby Holden 1980
1. I've Been Born Again
                                  2. I Sure Do Love The Lord
3. Amazing Grace                                           
4. Everybody Will Be Happy Over There   
5. In That Great Triumphant Morning          6. Ask What You Will Of The Savior          

       Chrystal Fernandez, Royal Palm Beach, Fla.
    Chrystall Fernadez, Royal Palm Beach, Fla.

!. He's Just As Real To Me
2. When He Was On The Cross I Was On His Mind
3. I've Been Through Enough
4. Jesus Is Mine 
5. Take These Burdens
6. Come As You Are
7. Higher Ground
8. It Won’t Rain Always
9. If I Could Only Be Like You
10. I Am Changed
11. I Am Not Ashameed Of The Gospel

1. A Place Called Grace     
2. A Gospel Medley   (By Chrystal & Angelena)
3. The Prayer    (By, Chrystal & Angelena)

Jerry Harper, Madisonville, Ky.
1. The Shepherd Boy                     2. The Antioch Choir
3. Beulah Land                              
4. Standing On Holy Ground
5. The Lord's Prayer                      6. Lord Feed Your Children
7. Bridge Over Troubled Water    8. Calvary's Love
9. Satan You Are A Liar               10. When He Was On The Cross
11. The Hand Of The Man           12. The U. S. A.
13. You Are My Hero
  Jackie Ladd,  Madisonville, Ky.
     Jackie Ladd
1. He Kept On Walking Up The Hill
2. Where Will You Be A Million Years From Now   
3. Across The Bridge

 Mary Lee Thornton, Madison Tn.
        Mary Lee
1. The Old Rugged Cross
2. Save A little Spot up In Heaven For Me
3. This Is Just What Heaven Means To Me
4. God Walks The Dark Hills 
5. Where He Leads Me I Will Follow

       Darlene Allen, Milan, Tn.
1. Why The Tears

  Larry Warren, Trenton, Tn.
     Larry Warren

1. Let The Lower Lights Be Burning, & The Lighthouse
2. How Great Thou Art
3. I Should Have Been Crucified
      Rickey Graves, Trenton, Tn.
1. When I Touch Calvary 
2. I'm In This Church


     Susan (Howe) Graves
1. It's My Desire
2. I've Never Been This Homsick Before


        Don Harris, Trenton, Tn.
1. He’s Everywhere


   Johnny Biggs, Nashville, Tn.
1. The Last Mile Of The Way

 Charles Shelton Family, Nashville, Tn.
1. Did You Think To Pray    Instrumental           2. The New Beulah Land
3. I'll Meet You On The Other Side Of Jordan    4. He's Coming Soon 
5. Step Into The Water                                         6. I'll Stand For Jesus

7. We've Got The Power                                       8. He's My Bread

    Johnny Vick, Nashville, Tn. 
1. I'm A Private In The Army Of The Lord   2. Keep On Working For The Lord
3. There Will Be An Answer By And By       4. I'm Gonna Make It After All
5. I Claim Jesus First Of All
Howard Watson,   Hendersonville, Tn.
       Howard Watson

1. When God Unfolds The Rose
            2. The Way 
3. I Will Follow Him
                                  4. It Was Love That Nailed Jesus To The Cross
5. When You Call On Him                        6. One Pair Of Hands
7. He Rolls The Darkness Away            8. Somebody Bigger Than You And I
9. One Drop OF Blood                            10. Drinking From My Saucer
11. Hold Me While I Cry                         12. Leaving On My Mind
      Janice Pate  
1. I've Got Heaven On My Mind
      Denton Brothers
   Denton Bros.
   Donald & Ronald Denton

1. I Want To Live For Him         2. I Don't Know Why Jesus Loved Me
3. If God Is Dead                       4. Zacchaeus    (Way Too High In The Sycamore Tree)
5. Because He Lives                 6. Jesus Is The Way Maker
7. The Light House                   8. It Might As Well Be Me
9. After Calvary                       10. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

11. On The Other Side             12. Run If You Want To, Run If You Will

13. Life Is Worth Living            14. Father I Want To Come Home

15. These Old Bone Are Gona Rise Again


The Anita Gospel Singers
Anita Gospel Singers
The Anita Gospel Singers Of Nashville, Tn. Anita Hughes, Rose Gillihan & Nellie Treadway, Singing From Their Hearts. Musicians, Joe Hatfield, Piano, Veronica Hatfield, Organ, James Gill, Lead Guitar, Donald Denton, Bass Guitar, Ronald Denton, Drums. Worship With Them As They Sing To The Glory Of God.

1. I'm Willing Lord                                           2. Eternity,s Long
3. Walk Like The Master Walked                  4. That's What Calvary Means To Me
5. Jesus I Believe What You Said                 6. Sheltered In The Arms Of God
7. Had It Not Been                                   
        8. I've Been To Calvary
9. Until You've Known The Love Of God     10. Build My Mansion Next Door To Jesus
11. Come Spring                                             12. Sweeter Gets The Journey
13. When He Reached Down For Me           14. We Have Come Too Far
15. He Filled A Longing                                  16. The Next Step You Take                          
17. Who? Jesus My Lord                               18. I Just Came To Talk To You Lord
20. It Happened  
Jackson College Of Ministies, 1978

This Is A Recording Of The Jackson College Of Ministries Men's Quartet In 1978 In Trenton, Tn.
Bruce Howell, Christian Education,  Reggie Nevitt, Dave Hutton, Drums, Nathan Hodges, Organ, And Others. Worship With Them As They Sing.

1. Lord You Are My Everything
2. Give Me That Old Time Religion

3. I'm Gonna Rise
4. Jesus Lifted Me
5. L
earning To Lean On Jesus
6. He That Overcometh, Overcometh In The Name Of The Lord
7. Praise The Lord 
8. Lord I Love You 

Helen (Anderson) Cole  (1973 ?)
    Helen Anderson
1. Quietly Kneel
2. I'm Too Near My Heavenly Home
3. I'm A Child Of The King
4. When All Of God's Children Get Home
5. The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow

Helen Anderson & Family
     Anderson Family

1. His Saving Grace   (By, Mike Anderson)
2. When I Wake Up In Glory
3. Who Am I 
4. I'm Thankful For The Lord  (By Mike Anderson)
5. How Unworthy Am I  (By Mike Anderson)
6. Till The Storm Passes Over


      Kentucky Youth Choir 1971

Ky. Youth Sing
                           Kentucky Youth Choir 1971
1. He Was More Than Just A Man (Solo, Vicky Hendricks)
2. Out Of The Wilderness    (Solo, Debbie (Sullivan) Williams)

Patsy Sullivan
1. If Jesus Said It I Believe It

I'd Rather Have Jesus,
Vesta Mangum
I'll Lift Up Holy Hands, Mickey Mangum
Battle Hymn Of The Republic, Mickey Mangum
Take Your Burdens To The Lord Vesta Mangum


 Murrell Ewing
1. He Saw Me,                                2. Where Did The Wind Go,
3. Hold Me Close,                          4. I Must Be Home Now,
5. Whatever You Do Is Alright,    6. The Storms Go Away,
7. You're Gonna Make It,             8. Now I Know, Murrell &Joan Ewing
9. Hallelujah