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God's Lost And Found #4

God's Lost And Found #4
God's Lost & Found
God’s Lost And Found #4
By, James l. Thornton

In this lesson we will conclude our time in God’s Lost and Found Department. We have listened in as the Lord Jesus spoke of a shepherd seeking one lost sheep. We have heard of a woman who was moved to search for one lost coin. We have seen a father looking for and receiving home again one lost son. This whole chapter has been about the restoration of lost things. We have learned, I hope, that God places great value on each individual’s soul.

God wants to see you saved. We saw the shepherd seeking 1 sheep out of 100, or 1%. We saw the woman seeking 1 coin out of 10, or 10%. We saw the father longing for 1 son out of 2, or 50%. Today, we will see the same father go to another son 1 on 1, or 100%. The lesson here is clear! God cares about each individual and He wants all to be saved.

2 Peter 3:9. “The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.”

In this lesson we will meet the lost (elder) son who stayed home and became lost in his own little world.

Two Sons

This lesson has a word for people who are saved, but who have the same spirit an attitude as the elder brother. That is, people who are upset that God is blessing. People who do not like it when the prodigal sons come home. People who refuse to rejoice over what God is doing because it isn’t being done their way.

It may be that the Lord will use this message to pinpoint a problem area in your life. If He does, please obey His voice and deal with whatever issues He exposes. For the next few minutes, lets turn our hearts heavenward and allow the Lord to speak to each of us as we consider The Lost Elder Brother.


In The Position Of Privilege - He is the elder brother: As such, he is entitled to two-thirds of His father’s possessions, Deuteronomy 21:17. Since his younger brother has already received his part of the inheritance, everything belongs to this man. When his father dies, not only will he receive his father’s possessions, he will also become the head of the family. Much has been given to this young man already and more is on the way. He has been blessed indeed.
Elder Brother

When we first meet this man, he is “in the fields.” That is, he is busy doing his father’s business. While his younger brother has been off in the far country living it up, this young man has stayed home and he has kept up the family business. He has been working for the father.

At this point, in the story we do not know that there is a problem in the life of this young man. From every outward appearance, he is in good fellowship with his father and all is well. But, remember that he is a picture of the Pharisees, scribe and religious elite to whom Jesus is speaking. These were people who were also in a place of privilege.

After all, they had been given the Law and the revelation of the coming of Messiah. They had been given the truth, and from all outward appearances, they were walking in that truth. The Pharisees and the scribes looked good to men, but there was a problem within their hearts. The problem was this: they were lost and undone in sin and the Lord knew it.

The same thing might be true of some reading this today. You are a good moral person. You come to church. You don’t cuss, drink, steal or cheat. You have been through the baptistery and are a church member. From all outward appearances, you are as good as anybody around you. But, just as Jesus could look into the heart of the Pharisee and see his lost condition, He can look within your heart and see that you are lost too.


               He Was Angry:
He Was Angry

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