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Power Point Lessons

Power Point Bible Lessons
   By, James L. Thornton

We want to use this page to promote the use of Power-Point visuals in the ministry of God's Word. We have a few ready to place on here for you to use. We will give you instructions on how to copy them off for your use. We also want you to know that most of the pictures we use are copywrited and are not to be used to sell or disribute for profit. They are free to use in your Preaching, Teaching, Sunday School or other Bible Teaching Sessions.
To Down-Load this material right click on the picture and copy and paste into your Power-Point presentation. You can do the same with the written material. Just click at the beginning of the sentence or paragraph you want to copy and drag the curser to the end of sentence, right ckick on it, copy and paste.
We have a few lesson ready for you to try out. If you have problems E-Mail me at

1. God's Lost & Found #1   Lost Sheep
2. God's Lost & Found #2   Lost Coin
3. God's Lost & Found #3   Lost Prodigal Son
4. God's Lost & Found #4   Lost Elder Son

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