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20 Short Sermons

                         20 Short Sermons

Preachers Are Lights
             Preachers Are The Lights In The World
By, James L. Thornton

We are putting a number of short sermons and sermon outlines on this page.

We want this to be an asset to everyone who is looking for a message.

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1. The Day Before The Wedding  (Isaac Takes Rebekah As His Wife)
2. Hope Maketh Not Ashamed     (Hope Is Our Anchor)
3. While Men Slept            (Tradgic Things Happen While Men Sleep)
4. I Will Build My Church   (Jesus Built His Church Upon Himself)
5. Fear Of Death          (The Bible Takes Away Our Fear Of Death)
6. Heaven: City Of Light    (All Light Has It's Origin In Heaven)
7. Ruth, The Moabite   (A Study Of The Book Of Ruth) 
8. Biblical Worship #1   
9. Biblical Worship #2
10. Biblical Worship #3
11. Biblical Worship #4
12. The Mystery Of Godliness    (God's Revelation Of Himself)
13. God's Inner Circle  (Dwelling In The Secret Place Of The Most High)
14. Gethsemane, The Beginning Of Sorrows
15. The Greatest Thing In The World 
16. Grandmotherly Religion   (Paul To Timothy)
17. A Night That Will Live In Infamy  (Jesus Betrayed)
18. The Unfathamable Worth Of Jesus
19. The Valley Is A Temporary Place
20. Separated From Sin Into Fellowship With God
21. The Unfathomable Worth Of Christ

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