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 By James L. Thornton  Click On> Links To Bible Articles
& Mary Lee Thornton

We are glad you are visiting our Web Pages and we want to fulfill Jesus' commandment to feed His sheep. We will have many articles to help you in your work for the Lord. We will be adding new articles as we get them prepared. I hope you will visit often.

John 10:2-4 "But He That Entereth In By The Door Is The Shepherd Of The Sheep. To Him The Porter Openeth; and The Sheep Hear His Voice; And He Calleth His Own Sheep By Name, And Leadeth Them Out. And He Putteth Forth His Own Sheep, He Goeth Before Them, And The Sheep Follow Him For They Know His Voice."
John 21:17 "...Jesus Saith Unto Him, Feed My Sheep."

We are retired from the ministry and will be putting sermon and lesson material that we have used through the years. We pray that God's Spirit will speak to you through something you find here.

We would like to hear from you, and if there is some subject you are studying maybe we can help you with it.

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1. Revelation of Jesus Christ                    2. Famine Of Hearing The Word of The Lord
3. Aged Men                                              
4. Transfiguration Of Jesus
5. Gethsemane #1, Conflict & Victory       
6. Gethsemane #2, Singificance & Results
7. Only A Dream                                        
8. The Wonders Of Heaven
9. Thirty Minutes Of Silence In Heaven    
10. The Parable Of The Sower
11. I Don't Regret A Mile
                          12. The Throne Of Grace
13. The Strait Gate
                                  14. Victory Of Unarmed Faith
15. Men Of Prayer Needed
                        16. Vacuum Of The Mind
17. Diary Of The Bible
                              18. Buy The Truth And Sell It Not
19. Divine Healing
                                    20. Desiring And Seeking
21. They Met At Calvary
                           22. God's Plan Of Salvation
23. Bible Sanctification
                            24. Behold He Cometh
25. Beware The Traveler
                          26. A Place To Begin Again
27. Looking Unto Jesus
                            28. The End Of The World
29. The Harness Of Love
                          30. A Proclamation Of The End
31. The Zeal Of Thine House
                    32. Moses And The Golden Calf
33. Occupy Till I Come
                             34. Lord Have Mercy
35. I Will Pay Thee Wages
                        36. A Great Woman
37. Not Yet Fifty
                                      38. The Lord's Prayer
39. 7 Attributes Of God
                            40. A Day's Walk With The Lord
41. When Life Met Death
                          42. Hastening To Calvary
43. Jesus As Teacher
                               44. Jesus Calms The Storm
45. Eye Witnesses Of Majesty                   46. Developing Our Life
47. The Death Of A Fool