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Bible Quizzing     Monday, February 19, 2018

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I am Mary Lee Thornton, I would like to use this Web Site to promote Bible Quizzing.

We have prepared these questions and answers to help INCREASE BIBLE KNOWLEDGE. These questions and answers can be printed off and put BACK TO BACK IN PROTECTOR SHEETS and it will make a nice book for Bible Study or Devotion. All the questions and answers are taken from the KING JAMES VERSION of the Bible. We have questions and answers on every Book of the Bible.

We are posting this information to help both those who are students and those who are coaching or writing questions. There are only a few key words that are used in a question. The words used most are what we call the W BOYS,” WHO, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, & WHAT. If a quizzer hears one of these words mentioned in a question it should trigger an idea of the answer to the question. Another word that is used is HOW. We have many years of experience in Bible quizzing and would like to be of help to anyone interested in it. E-Mail me at for help.

I have coached both Junior and Senior Quiz Teams for about 12 years. Bible Quizzing helps to instill the Word of God into the hearts and lives of all who participate in it, both Quizzers and Coaches. 

In 1978 I started Jr. Bible Quizzing. We had 4 teams at the first tournament. Within 2 years the program had grown until there were Churches from all over the nation that wanted to participate. In 1981 Bro. McClintock from the Sunday School Dept. of the UPCI called and asked about adopting Junior Bible Quizzing as a national program The first UPCI national tournament was held in St. Louis Mo. in 1982.

Some of the quizzers I have coached are now Church Leaders. 
Dale Reasons, Pastor
Donna Reasons Fuller, Pastor's Wife
Clay Jackson, Minister, Medical Doctor
Lisa Childress Norris, Minister's Wife
James Daniels, Minister
Shelly Hendricks, Pastor

I hope that some of you who visit this Web Site will join those in working for the Lord.

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We will be adding more of theses quizzes daily.
Write to me with your questions or comments. 

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